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cctv news- LED industry prospects
CCTV CCTV network editor Mr. Wang Yongqiang website reprint called:
LED industry prospects
In 2012 08 OCT 16 13:16 source: China Daily
From the beginning of the central lower economy this year to grow a target, to now be released economic data, show that Chinese current economic downward pressure increases, but the trough also means opportunity. Many economists have pointed out, lower expected to accelerate economic transition, from the focus on the speed of economic development shifted to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth. In the process that adjusts industrial structure, high-tech industry has been the priority among priorities, which LED optoelectronic industry because it is adapted to present the trend of information, a lot of local economy focuses on the development of pillar industries.
LED optoelectronic industry foreground is bright
The reporter interviews with industry experts recently learned that, in a communications network, multimedia information society and other hot applications, LED photoelectric products plays a vital role, because the application is extensive and popular, many scientists predict that twenty-first Century will be the century of " light ". Both European and American developed countries, or Asian emerging countries, unanimously optimistic about the potential of LED optoelectronic industry of LED optoelectronic market, future growth potential is great expectations, and vigorously support the development of enterprises. Among them, the headquarters is located in Taiwan 's Tongjia photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc, is in the industry the acclaimed star enterprise.
LED science and technology innovation make EC good photoelectric industry leader
LED optoelectronic industry and information technology development, the Tongjia photoelectric science and technology at the beginning of the birth, it attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, establish with traditional LED optics as a starting point, to promote the development of technology strategy, the company vigorously the introduction of domestic and foreign high-tech talent, invested heavily in research and development, scientific research personnel to create comfortable and good research atmosphere, and in Colleges and universities and research institutes, based photoelectric expert guidance station, establishment of optoelectronic products laboratory, key technical problems, transformation of patent technology, make a product has become the industry leader in the birth of.
Enter new century, Tongjia photoelectric technology quickly discovered the LED based optoelectronic semiconductor market to become the industry the next trend place, so will focus on R & D and production of LED series products, the company has complete specifications of the product line, including LED light-emitting diode, patch of LED lights, high-power LED lamp, LED lamp line, LED plane light source, infrared transmitting tube, an infrared receiving head, a small butterfly LED lights and infrared optical breaker, covers the entire product line.
LED innovation model and ensure the stable and sustainable development of
Although the Tongjia photoelectric technology belongs to high and new technology industry, but the enterprise is different from the University and Research Institute, technology into products, the mind to create profits, which requires in the management and the mode ofinnovation.
Tongjia photoelectric technology in the years of development and explore the sustainable development pattern that is unique, in the establishment of the core competition advantage based on the advantage of diversified development, core is the LED series products business, in this piece and always maintain the advanced international level, has a large-scale production capacity, in addition, supplied from the photoelectric element development, finished EPC, independent intellectual property authorization output, photoelectric technology to the investment and financing and other services package, is a comprehensive solution for service providers.
It is because of these highly innovative value of exploration, Tongjia photoelectric technology LED products business has been all over the world, with the development of information industry's rapid development, more optimistic about the future, will be more attention!
Editor: Wang Yongqiang
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