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Tongjia photoelectric2012 India LED International Exhibition
 2012 August 4-6 in India International Expo Center, Tongjia photoelectric sparkling debut at the fifth India International Exhibition LED. It is sponsored by the India international advertising technology and equipment exhibition has been successfully held 18 sessions, in the industry enjoy the industry has a high praise. In the India LED energy-saving lamp market with an annual growth rate of 10.2%, although only in the initial stage of development, but have shown a strong development posture. Major international LED companies with the latest technology and products to actively enter the India market. In order to comply with the India LED industry development urgent need, the fifth India international LED exhibition attracted nearly all of the world's well-known brands, including HP, CANON, FUJIFILM, OCE, CREE, ESKO and other international giants.
All countries and regions leading exhibitors also were put extraordinary splendour. Corina, Nichia, Tongjia photoelectric, are the most representative in the enterprise, the well-known brands in the fifth India International Exhibition LED arena Tongchangjingji, show the enterprise 's unique style.
Tongjia photoelectric at the exhibition from the photoelectric element development, finished EPC, independent intellectual property authorization output, optoelectronic technology and photoelectric financing package of services; the company has complete specifications of the product line, product includes a plug-in LED beads, beads, patch LED large power LED lamp, piranha series of LED lights, infrared emission tube, an infrared receiving head and switch with lamp special small butterfly LED beads, covers the entire product line. Displays the world's light high-tech packaging products. Tongjia photoelectricLED high-end products to national attention and favor of customers in various regions.
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