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Company Profile

Taiwan Tongjia optoelectronics  technology share Co., LTD. located in Taipei, founded in 1997, is a photoelectric enterprise of multinational operation experience for many years. The company businesses cover the photoelectric industry manufacturing business and services business. It has a number of leading international independent intellectual property rights, is photoelectric comprehensive solution service suppliers.


Tongjia Company offers photoelectric technology and photoelectric financing from the photoelectric components development, finished product EPC, and independent intellectual property rights authorized output. The company has complete specifications of the product line, product includes a plug-in LED beads, beads, patch LED high power LED lamp, piranha series of LED lights, infrared transmitting tube, an infrared receiving head and switch with lamp special small butterfly LED beads, covers the entire product line


The company entered the Chinese market in 2005, in China Fujian has the Tongjia industrial technology limited company is responsible for R & D and production; in Guangdong Dongguan has Tongjia photoelectric technology limited company is responsible for China's high-end customer base to provide sales and services; in the whole China has 8 large distribution centers; in Germany Munich , the United States California, Italy Rome, France Paris, Korea Seoul, Japan Tokyo and other countries there are offices and distribution centers. The marketing network covers the major global photovoltaic market. The products and operations in over 50 countries and regions to let different culture, different colors of people enjoy the Tongjia photoelectric provides environmental protection and energy saving, high quality optical products.     


Tongjia companies are located in Taiwan Taipei tongjia industrial park and China fujian tongjia industrial park.   China factory covers an area of 243000 square meters, the total number of employees more than 2500 people.       All production units were already through ISO9001:2000, ISO14000:2000 international quality system authentication. Products can achieve ROHS2.0, low halogen EU national standards. The company firmly believes: quality is the life, and innovation is the soul. Enterprise should not only have strong vitality, but also have a great soul. The company is committed to be Chinese leading the world first-class new energy solutions provider and the world first-class new energy equipment manufacturers.


The company will be operating strategy of "globalization" as the goal. And employees share the cause of success with partners to share the Earth green. The development of the business in China, while an active part in the field of education, culture, arts, environmental protection and social welfare; adhering to the concept of technical contribution to the development of society continue to be a good corporate citizen and make unremitting efforts to promote social and economic, make their own long-term contributions to the development.