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Your present position: :Home >> Details  ToGia Forest Park Volunteer Bank concluded

ToGia Forest Park Volunteer Bank concluded
ToGia Forest Park Volunteer Bank concluded

9:00 am on November 13, called by the ToGia company in Dongguan, China, organizedjointly with China Quanzhou ToGia and raw material suppliers around the branches andvolunteers. To protect the environment, love birds, create saving-oriented society is the theme ofenvironmental science knowledge campaign, in Fujian Oriental Forest Park a success.
The event, in Dongguan ToGia assistant manager Wang, Quanzhou ToGia production manager Mr. Yang, vendor representatives, led by Mr. Chen and other responsible persons,with the Forest Park staff, orderly conduct. All volunteers were divided into four groups, followed by work in sequence, the first group distributed leaflets for tourists, as they explain a littleknowledge of the science promotion issues, and guide them to the signature of the secondgroup is responsible to signature to express their commitment to environmental protection, andsupport for the event. The third group is mainly responsible for part of the game, play the gameat the same time guiding tourists, with the fourth team to promote bio-science knowledge.
The event on the planet by promoting more and more creatures on the verge of extinction, to make people aware of the necessity and importance of protecting the environment, and in the promotion process, for people to explain the science of biological knowledge and a betterenvironment brought about by benefits, while bringing visitors to our tips for the protection of the environment, so that people can have the confidence to create a better environment.
The activities for the promotion of the social importance of environmental protection, so that more people learned to create the necessity of saving environment-friendly society, but alsoexercise the ToGia youth volunteers to enhance the communication skills and environmental awareness.

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