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SMT LED 2835 light bead market prospect
      In the field of medium and high power LED lamp bead, 2835 patch lamp bead with a high cost performance.In terms of encapsulation process, 2835 led lamp bead chip is direct conduction heat sink for cooling, cooling effect is also with the packaging enterprises repeated research and test of the market, with strong competitiveness.Patch 2835 lamp bead, in fact, as one of the most mainstream LED lights on the market at present, based on its many packaging companies have developed a series of other products.Such as market launched a series of automotive lighting F2835 lamp bead series, lighting series 2835 plants, 2835 infrared transmitting tube and uv LED series, etc.

      LED lamp bead was more in the replacement market at present, but along with the development of technology and user recognition, LED lamp bead will achieve more in the field of more features, truly play its characteristics of the electronic products."In theory, the same life circumstances, 2835 tiles do feasibility is above 1 w leds. If you want to do more than 1 w, the service life of the need to sacrifice some. Currently on the market for SMD LED 2835 life also is very satisfied.
      Patch 2835 led the overall performance is good, can according to the customer and market demand of different location, an extension of the series of products.Such as color temperature, different wavelengths with different levels of brightness and color rendering index, different power and scope of the pressure drop, the different light color step requirements and so on.
Patch light-emitting diodes development and progress of technology, production and service is more convenient for the enterprise, to better serve the users as the goal.Domestic packaging companies for 2835 SMD LED a popular models to favor for many years, also is the expansion of technology and products for LED lamp bead provides a relatively fixed support.
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