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Quanzhou Tongjia companies invited to participate in Fujian city of Quanzhou LED Industry Development Forum

In August 23, 2012, Fujian commercial newspaper and Quanzhou LED high new technology industry association jointly organized by the Quanzhou LED Industry Development Forum held in Quanzhou city business newspaper. Tongjia photoelectric as invited enterprise with more than LED professional and peer common participants make LED industry.
In this symposium, Fujian LED High-tech Industry Research Association Deputy Director: Lin xia. Lin Xia said: "in the future China's best LED enterprises will be out in Quanzhou " to the Quanzhou LED industry development of confidence.
In the field of LED enterprises long - distance race, how the enterprise to hold on to the last? Lin Xia believes that the three " innovation " is the key: one is the production of technical innovation, the core technology of LED in China, Chinese enterprises want to develop, must in the manufacturing and application of technology with one's own knack in, low cost and high reliability may become Chinese enterprise to achieve a breakthrough in the key point; two is the business model innovation, enterprises should think about how to reduce transaction costs at the same time, extension value of space, it can scale effect, enhance their bargaining power; three is the enterprise development strategy innovation, how to mobilize social resources? His dry, or in the capital market for financing channels? Fujian enterprises are completely rely on the market up, risk consciousness is very strong, but they're very low-key, on capital operation of the road, EC good photoelectric is a very good example.
Tongjia group has always been committed to high-quality plug-in of LED lights, LED lights, patch large power LED lamp, piranha series of LED lights, infrared transmitting tube, an infrared receiving head and switch with lamp special small butterfly LED beads, covers the entire product line. , will be a perfect balance of performance and price of the LED products to all corners of the world, the United States of Munich, California in Germany, Italy, Rome, French Paris, Seoul of Korea, Japan and other countries with offices and distribution center, marketing network coverage of the major global photovoltaic market, products and operations in over 50 countries and regions.
Tongjia company will be " globalization " operating strategy as the goal. Share with employees, and partners to share the success of the earth, to contribute to green. In China the development of the business at the same time, take an active part in education, culture, art, environmental protection and other social commonweal field; to uphold the technical contributions to social development concept, to continue to be good corporate citizens and make unremitting efforts, to promote China's social and economic development to make its own contribution to the long.
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