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Your present position: :Home >> Details  The United States energy department report: LED is affect the environment of the lowest energy efficient lighting

The United States energy department report: LED is affect the environment of the lowest energy efficient lighting

The United States department of energy (DOE) of a new report points out, the important significance of LED lighting is BaiZhi bulb and than, the environmental influence inferior and slight super fluorescent lamps (CFLs). "LED manufacturing and utility" in this report are mainly in the comparison of the three different light bulb life cycle, including production, operation and eliminated. The report LED light bulb to do a comprehensive research, this paper analyzes the three different light bulb production, the assembly, the transportation and eliminated about energy and environmental impact. This is also the first public discussion of the report of the production process LED, support the doe to protect public air and water resources, improve the competitiveness of American clean energy, and helping families and general company line Numbers to save energy bills.

This is the doe a second large report, assessment and compared with traditional light bulb, LED light bulb in the life cycle of environment resources costs.

The report on the used a report, is published in February 2012 the "Review of the Lifecycle Energy Consumption of Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED Lamps" conclusion, continue to make a more detailed assessment, more three different lighting of the wide influence on the environment.

The report points out, the traditional fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED lights in energy consumption was very similar, both the consumption of energy are less than BaiZhi bulb, and manufacturing and transport than, run the life cycle cost most of the energy. Because of the operation of high efficiency, cost 12.5 gigawatts of power and can achieve and CFLs (15 watt) and BaiZhi bulb (60 watts) the same effect. In a test of 15 report 14 items shows the three LED light bulb is among the most friendly to environment lighting lamps and lanterns.

In addition to the dominant cast aspects, various aspects of the test are shows that, compared to LED light bulb, CFLs affect the environment is bigger. The inside of the aluminum alloy material LED after the serene manner to landfills can cause great damage. The DOE report, in the next five years, based on short-term improvement techniques, LED to the influence of the environment than the influence of today will be small,

When the market orientation for the customers and save money, from BaiZhi bulb into use to save energy lighting, LED lamp and CFLs of the impact on the environment, and we are expected to reduce the current 3 to 10 times greater.


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