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Dual color COB

Dual color COB

Product description:
Product characteristic Specification
The LED chip is directly packaged in aluminum plate aluminum layer, heat generated by the chip can be rapidly through the aluminum layer outward conduction.
LED Chip Is Fixed On Aluminium Layer Of Aluminium Base PCB . The Heat From Chip Can Be Spread Out Through Aluminium Layer Rapidly
In normal voltage, small attenuation, attenuation below 1% 2000 hours
Iow Lighting Decay, Decay Less Than 1% After 2000 Hours
The uniform light, soft light, no glare, no injury to the eye.
Equable And Soft Irradiancy, No Glaring And Eye Protection.
The high reliability, no dead lights, no plaque.
Good Reliability, No Dead Bulb And No Motting.
The free collocation and combination, form a variety of LED lamps, convenient assembly.
LED Fill Lighting Module Can Be Combined Into Different LED Lights Easyly.
It is safe and reliable, all in 50V the following work.
Saft, Work Voltage Is Under 50V.
The environmental protection.
Environment Friendly.
The product uses Product Usage
The circular plane light source is widely used in LED bulb lamp, LED lamp cup, LED lighting, LED lights, LED cast light lamps, LED lights and other lighting products
Round Full Lighting Module Is Widely Used For LED Bulb, LED Cup, LED Spot Light, LED Down Light, LED Project Light, LED Street Lamp And So On.
The bar plane light source is widely used in T5 / T8 / T10LED daylight lamp, LED lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED lamp products.
Flat Full Lighting Module Is Widely Used For LED Tube ( Such AsT5 / T8 / T10 ), LED Desk Lamp, LED Bulb, LED Hard Bar And So On.

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